Do I need to open port 8444?
No, because the connection is done through our server that has Full node on it.
Do I need static IP?
No, since the connection is done through harvester to our server.
I have two (or more) machines with my plots. Can i connect them all?
Yes, you'll need to install our client on each machine and login in your account. To install the client follow the instruction
I have Ubuntu server, how can i connect to your client?
You'll need to install the client as it's described in the instruction
https://ecopool.group/en/instructions#stage_tab2. Then you'll need to connect through the ssh connection on any PC in the same network, after that type the ipOfYourServer:3401 and begin the process of registration.
How do I delete our client?
You need to go to task manager in the details tab and kill node.js processes, close the harvaster
Go to the explorer folder at %USERPROFILE% where the path is specified, go and find the folder .chia and rename it, open the off application, it will boot and you can close, then from the renamed folder copy all folders except config and open a new folder .chia and paste, open off and everything works!
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I have additional questions, where can I go?
You can check out our Telegram channel https://t.me/en_ecopool_group or our Discord server https://discord.gg/gZU664Du where you can ask admins any questions.
Does the official pool farming client have to be up and running?
The official application can not be opened because of the use of the same components can be a conflict and your rafts will not be connected to the farming.
Note: Only for OG (solo) plots.
If I only have NFT plots, can I farm without downloading your client?
Yes, our pool has support for NFT plots for both Chia and Chives.
Links for connecting to the pool:
1. Chia : https://api.ecopool.group/pool
2. Chives : https://api.ecopool.group/pool-xcc/
Can I simultaneously farm NFT and OG plots on one PC on your pool?
Yes, but there are a couple of nuances, because we use components of the official application will have conflicts, so you will need to install a virtual machine and deploy it or our client or the official.
And also separate the NFT and OG plots into different folders so you can connect them separately.
What if after connecting the plots to your pool the plots are invalid?
You need to go to the tab "Current coin: ..." and under the choice of paths click on the button "Dashboard" of the coin you farm.
Then you go to the tab "My solo keys" and add your mnemonic phrase (24 words) with a space. Within 5 minutes your rafts will become valid and will participate in farming.
If the problem is not solved, contact the administration pool via Telegram or Discord.
More than hour passed and the plots are still invalid.
There is a chance you have entered mnemonics incorrect. To be sure you need to check the number in the "Fingerprint" column in "My solo keys" tab and, check it against the number you can see by opening the console as an administrator and entering these commands: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.7\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\chia.exe keys show --show-mnemonic-seed
Can I create plots through your client?
Our client implements the rafting function but only under the POOL Keys and only OG plots.
Why doesn't the pool show the true value of my volume?
We have a PPLNS (points) system implemented, and your volume is calculated in proportion to the points you score per hour. And so your volume can be floating, or more or less, but approximately to your true volume.
What do I do if I have a very small volume on the pool?
You need to look at the chart to see what your response time is. If the response to plots is more than 6 seconds, then these rafts are automatically removed from farming.
To improve speed to plots:
1. Separate the rafts into folders, one folder should not contain more than 100 plots;
2. Check if your hard drive is in order;
3. Check if the hard disks have enough power.
What do I do if if have "Offline" in the top of main page?
Open start_gui.bat on the desktop, right click the file,
"Open as administrator". Enter the client. Press "Log out", after that login.

Total size plots is zero, but the plots are connected!
Open start_gui.bat on the desktop, right click the file,
"Open as administrator". Enter the client. Press "Log out" and login again.
What do i do if start-gui.bat didn't fix my problem.
Open the cosole as adminstrator, type pm2 delete all. After that go to the Task Manager in the Details tab and close all processes named node.exe. Then download the client by the link (if you don't have it already) https://gitlab.com/ecopool-public/chia-telemetery-client/-/raw/master/install_win.bat?inline=false , open it as administrator. Download node.js again and wait till the end. After that login in your account.
None of the errors fit the description, or the solution does not help
Follow the link to our Telegram channel https://t.me/en_ecopool_group or our Discord server https://discord.gg/gZU664Du. Then in the description of the groups you can find the nicknames of administrators and write to them your problem.
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