We have been working since May 10!
Connect through our client OG - plots
Connect to the Nft pool at
What is our advantage?
What are the rewards?
Stable payments. Each time the pool farms the block, you'll get a percentage of the rewards, specifically:
∙ 99% - will be distributed among all user plots;
∙ 1% - will go to keep the pool stable.
Is it possible to chat with other members?
Our community is growing every day. Our members and developers are ready to answer any of your questions. Join our official Telegram channel or Discord server to share your experience with others.
Is my data safe?
Our developers test and improve the security of your personal from attacks.
Ecopool GUI
To join our team just download the application and dive into the world of eco farming.
In case you have any questions about the app, go to the link and follow the instructions.
First honest chia pool for the People. From each according to his abilities - to each according to his work.
2021 — EcoPool
We now support both OG/Solo protocols with plots and NFT protocols with plots!
You can connect to the Nft pool at
And also connect through our client OG - plots
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