Graphic interface overview
On this page you can see statistics of your participation in the pool. On the left side is a navigation bar, on the right side are this blocks:
A sign that you are online or offline
Harvester reboot
Your ID
Total network space
Your personal total size
Your balance after block distribution
Withdrawal processing
Plot challenges graph
Table of the last proof attempt
To see the condition of your connection check the status bar at the top left corner. Total Network Space - shows a total space of the whole pool. Total Size of Plots - shows a total size of your plots which are already connected to the pool even if they are connected from different machines. My Balans - your personal balance where the rewards accrual from eevery block. Pending Withdrawals - an amount of funds you withdrawn. With your User ID you can check your share on the statistics page. In case your internet didn't work and you were Offline you can use Restart Harvester button which will restart all services and connect you to our network.
Challenge time graph shows how often plots get a request for proof of space
In the Last Attempted Proof block you can check if the filter passed, whether the proof is found and the time of the proof.
This page is deticated for withdrawals of farmed funds in the pool. To withdraw your funds to your wallet you need to do few easy steps:
1. Enter your wallet address
2. Enter an amount for withdrawal
3. Press the Withdraw button
4. Enter the password of your Ecopool account
Withdrawn funds will get to your wallet within 4 hours.
Our GUI now can create plots right through the client. Also we support plot creation with Mad Max algorithm. Pool keys are integrated in the plotter and after creation they'll automatically connect to the pool. To learn more about how to use plotter follow the link to the instructions
On this page you can see a list of directories where you have the plots, and also add or delete directories of your plots
Plots directories
To see a total list of the plots connected to the pool go to the Farming tab. Also you can check the plots that are invalid lower at the Invalid Plots block.
This page is dedicated for adding your solo plots to our pool. To add your solo plots please check out the rules for solo miners
My solo keys
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