Community guidelines
No limits on withdrawals!
Our Ecopool does not have any restrictions on funds withdrawal (information for solo-miners can be read here
You can withdraw your funds at any time, to any wallet. Also we don't take any fees.
6 seconds rule
We register response time on challenges, If at the end of 10 minutes of challenges the average response time is higher than 6 seconds - harvester and its farm will be disabled from rewards by a system designed to evaluate financial and non-financial events for suspicious activity and fraud
Monitor statistic graphs in GUI.
There is a chance we will low the bar in the future.
This was made so the cloud storages with bad response didn't mess up the stats.
You can always contact our technical support!
Our pool also has a great technical support both for new users and for those who are already connected to Ecopool.
You can follow the link to our Telegram channel or Discord server . If you want fast response just tag our admins and they will help you with any problem!
But, if admins are busy with development or helping other users, you can ask your questions in the channel and our friendly and big community will help you with your problems as much as they can!
You can always make a request for changes or client update
To make the app better and more comfortable for you just make a request at :
Advertising in the channels only with the permission of the administration
To get a permission for advertising you need to contact admins of the channel and describe what kind of advertisement you want to make. If you ignore contacting administration first you'll be banned!
Ban withdrawal of funds for new users for a month
Recently, cases of doublemining on our pool have increased. We do not want to introduce a pledge system of 1.75 chia, so from today we are introducing a withdrawal ban for new users.
For all users, without exception, we are introducing a withdrawal block for one month from the moment of registration.

Old users who joined the pool more than a month ago will not be affected by this restriction.
First honest chia pool for the People. From each according to his abilities - to each according to his work.
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