Our pool has integrated an ability to add plots which users already created under thier mnemonics.
For solo-miners
Solo plots will participate in disrtibution by 90% from their weight. 10% goes to compensation fund for duble mining. When plots created by pool will be 20% from your total size payment will increase to 95%, when it will get to25%, you'll have 100% payment, the difference on earlier payments will be credited to the account.
The reward will be accures from Rolling Reserve: 50% will be available immediately, 50% will be available for withdrawal after 10 days after getting the reward. (Information about blocked funds will be shown at GUI).
To join and become a member of our community, your total size of plots must be at least 10 TB.
To connect all your plots with your own mnemonics you'll have 24 hours. All the plots added later without pool keys will be invalid. Also you'll be able to farm solo plots and pool plots from on machine at the same time.
If miner is caught with double-mining - all his plots (inlcuding those made by pool) will be black listed and he wont participate in reward distribution niether now, nor in the future. The balance and Rolling Reserve will be written off and distributed to the remaining farmers, and the account will be blocked.
If farmer is caught with public control, and not by admins of EcoPool, 25% funds to the double-mining compensation fond of this farmer will go to the user who reported and provided evidence of unfairness.
Connection conditions
Before connecting necessarily read the conditions below.
Connection stages
GUI installation
Follow the link for the instructions.
Go to the tab according to your OS and follow step by step to install our application.
To transfer your mnemonics after installing the GUI go to the tab "My solo keys"
Press the button in the top right corner "Add my mnemonics" and add your key from 24 words with space.
In four hour your plots will be connected.
Mnemonics transfer
Creating plots by pool
To keep your SSD and HDD working
and not standing idle for nothing you can start creating plots by pool.
For this follow the link to the instructions.
After creation your plots will automatically connect.
First honest chia pool for the People. From each according to his abilities - to each according to his work.
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